About WP Topics

WP Topics is dedicated to sharing and writing topics that help anyone using WordPress, from the beginner to the expert. What you’ll find here:

  • Guides to help you create your first WordPress website
  • Articles on a variety of WordPress topics to build a successful site and get the most out of WordPress
  • Resources and tools to help you with your WordPress website
  • Weekly top 5 articles (released each Monday morning) with the best articles that I think you’ll find useful
  • Tips for building your WordPress site, for running your site, and for promoting it

What makes WP Topics unique is that I promote all the best WordPress articles and guides, not just my own. I link to other websites that provide the best content for you, and write articles on the topics that I can cover better.

If you have an article that you’ve found or written that would help others in the WordPress community, please submit it to me! I read every article.

About Me

I’ve been a professional web designer and web developer for over 20 years and have been building WordPress sites for over half of those years. I’m the CTO of Thrive Web DesignsOpens in a new tab. where we build amazing solutions for clients on a daily basis. While we help a lot of businesses get online and be successful, not everyone can afford to hire a web design agency. That’s why I started WP Topics – to provide a resource to help you build, manage, and promote your own WordPress website. However, if you need to hire the professionals, give us a ring!

This Website Is Supported By You

Throughout this website, I list products and services that I recommend. In the spirt of full disclosure, some of the links on the website are affiliate links which I earn a small commission on if you decide to purchase anything from these companies. I only recommend products and systems that I use myself so you’re in good hands. Want to know more? Here’s my full list of my partners and why they’re my partners.