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Over the past 38 weeks, I’ve shared and reviewed articles that would be useful for WordPress site owners, developers, and designers. Each week I pick the best article (sometimes a few) that I can find for each topic that I’d like to cover, and there’s certain websites that I keep coming back to.

For WordPress tutorials and useful articles about WordPress, the best resource website is WPBeginner. Their entire site is dedicated to providing useful instruction and content for anyone who uses WordPress, with topics ranging from beginner up to expert.

WPBeginner is easily my top resource and I’ve featured articles from them 29 times over the last 38 weeks, and that’s even when I consciously try to find articles from other authors for each topic. They really go into depth with their articles and they write in a way that’s approachable and understandable. So it’s no wonder that I keep recommending their articles.

So with that, I’d like to say thank you to WPBeginner for all the great WordPress instruction that you share. I’d also like to say thank you to all the other sites that I’ve found great content on as well. It takes a lot of work to research and write a good article, and all of these sites are writing useful and informative articles.

Most Used WordPress Resources On This Site

  1. WP BeginnerOpens in a new tab.
  2. Green GeeksOpens in a new tab.
  3. WPMU DevOpens in a new tab.
  4. HostingerOpens in a new tab.
  5. Thrive Web DesignsOpens in a new tab.
  6. Winning WPOpens in a new tab.
  7. WP AstraOpens in a new tab.
  8. Code In WPOpens in a new tab.
  9. Elegant ThemesOpens in a new tab.
  10. Is It WPOpens in a new tab.
  11. Theme IsleOpens in a new tab.
  12. WP ExplorerOpens in a new tab.
  13. WPLiftOpens in a new tab.

Again, a huge thank you to these websites and the 58 other sites I that I didn’t list here (but you can find them in my blog posts).

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