9 Fun WordPress Plugins For 2022 (One Is Worthless)

fun wordpress plugins

You’ve been working hard so you could use a diversion, and these fun WordPress plugins (all personally installed and tested), should give you a few laughs.

Word Search Puzzles Game

word search plugin

With this plugin, you can easily create and add a custom word search puzzle to your website. It includes options like puzzle sizes and word directions, and you can choose your own words for your visitors to find. Playing the game is easy and this could make a really fun addition to your website, especially if you have an educational site and want to reinforce vocabulary.

Wpit Funny Name Generator

funny name generator

How would you like to generate your Jedi Name? Or how about Ninja Name, Mad Max Name, or even their Unicorn Name?

This plugin allows you to add a simple form to your site so your site visitors can plug in their name to find out their funny name. To add to your page, post or widget, just use one of these short codes:

  • [jedi-calc] uses first name, last name, mother’s last name and city you were born to generate your Jedi name.
  • [ninja_calc] uses your name to generate your Ninja name.
  • [madmax_calc] uses your first and last name to generate your Mad Max name.
  • [unicorn_calc] uses your name and your birthday month to generate your Unicorn name.

Note: this plugin hasn’t been updated in 10 months but still works great.

Rocket Fireworks

website fireworks for wordpress

After you install this plugin, you’ll see fireworks shoot up and explode on each page of your website. After a while the fireworks stop and you won’t see them again until you refresh the page.

Note: I had to clear my site cache for this plugin to work for me.


If your site has customers, subscribers, or any other kind of community, you’ll want to check out this plugin that allows you to gamify their experience! As they login and interact on your website, you can reward them with points and badges to encourage them to keep coming back. You can also set up ranks to add a little competition between customers or users.

This free plugin is extremely powerful and you can extend it with paid and free add-ons.

Sportsteam Widget

Looking to show the upcoming matchups for your favorite teams? This plugin gives you a customizable widget that lets you show upcoming games in your sidebar. It includes options to change the colors, upload team logos, and more.

This is great for whatever head to head matchup you’d like to show on your website: soccer, football, basketball, UFC fights, tennis. You could even use it for something non-sports related, ie Elon Musk vs Jeff Bezos?

Worthless Plugin

worthless plugin

As mentioned in the title of this article, one of the fun plugins is worthless. In fact, that’s the name: Worthless Plugin! After you install this plugin, the plugin developer’s face will show up on the top of each admin page along with a random thought.

These thoughts are truly random and some of them are pretty funny. So if it makes you laugh, is it worthless?

Stylish Scrolling Title

scrolling title in browser tab

With a quick plugin install, your title in the browser tab will now animate. As you know, there’s very limited space in the tab to show your page title but with this tasteful (and more noticeable) scrolling animation, site visitors will be able to read your whole title!

Hello Programmer

hello programmer quote

Similar to the Hello Dolly plugin, this plugin will add inspirational quotes in the top right corner of your WordPress admin. If you have a lot of updates to make, a little inspiration may go a long way.

Quiz Cat – WordPress Quiz Plugin

Depending on what kind of quiz you add to your site, Quiz Cat could be a lot of fun. A quiz packed with funny questions will get you some interesting answers.

While there are other quiz plugins or quizzes that you can embed onto your site, this plugin is free and easy to use. Worth checking out!

Bonus: WordPress Pranks for Code-Savvy Pranksters

This Github repository includes 9 awesome pranks you can install onto your WordPress site that can be applied to specific users. Note that this is not a WordPress plugin but rather code that you’ll need to add to your theme’s function file along with a CSS file. Make sure you read the README.md file for full instructions.

From the readme, the pranks include:

  • All fonts to Comic Sans
  • Make site black & white
  • Rotate site just a little (weirder than I expected)
  • Spin an element back and forth, like the logo
  • Make hot links hot pink, which makes sense when you think about it
  • Make elements grow bigly
  • Trippy changin colors
  • Hide every other paragraph
  • Blur the Page

Have Fun With These Plugins!

When researching to find these plugins, I found a lot of other fun plugins that I couldn’t include here since they were either grossly outdated or just didn’t work. If you know of any other fun plugins though, let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

WP Topics is all about giving you the resources to build and manage a successful WordPress site but sometimes it’s good to have a little fun.

Aaron Day

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