My Partners And Why

The only way I make money on this site is through the partnerships and affiliate programs that I have in place. However, I only choose partners that I stand that are the best – they have solutions that I’m currently using or would use. Simply put, I’m not going to partner with or recommend any product or service just for their affiliate program. Quality first.

Email Marketing: SendinblueOpens in a new tab.

One of our clients needed an affordable but powerful email marketing service that had high email deliverability, email automation and API integration. We had been using MailChimp and MailerLite at the time but after researching, we found that Sendinblue was easily the best email marketing platform and switched to it for our business and for our clients. For just $25/month, you get unlimited contacts and 20,000 emails with one of the highest email deliverability rates in the business. And then at the $65/month, you get their powerful marketing automation. Here’s a summary of my research for the best email solutions based on features and deliverability.

Website Speed: NitropackOpens in a new tab. (Get 5% off!)

In a perfect world, you or your developer would have the time and expertise to build a super fast loading WordPress site that performs well in Google PageSpeed tests. There’s lots of great free plugins that can get you that speed, as long as you have fast hosting and a quick loading WordPress theme. If you need help though, Nitropack provides an ‘easy’ button. Simply sign up for their service, configure the settings as needed, and experience a massive boost in your site loading speed and Google PageSpeed score. Most of our clients sign up for either the Business plan which is just $16.62/month with my partner discount.

ADA Compliance: AccessiBeOpens in a new tab. (Get 10% off!)

If you need your site to be 100% accessible, hire a website accessibility expert to make sure that your website experience is optimized for anyone with visual impairments, motor control issues, or other accessibility issues. If your website is of typical size, you can expect to pay $1500-$5000. Or, if you have the skills, you can do it yourself. Or, there’s a cheaper option at around $450/year (with my partner discount) that’s fully automated. It’s an accessibility widget that you install onto your site with a single line of JavaScript. It then uses AI and automation to make your site fully ADA compliant so that you’re in compliance with the law and makes your site a whole lot more accessible. Read why AccessiBe is better than other automated accessibility servicesOpens in a new tab..

WordPress Page Editor: LiveCanvasOpens in a new tab.

I did a ton of research on best page editors, specifically looking for speed and features. Although I can only recommend LiveCanvas to web designers and WordPress developers, it is easily the fastest loading page editor and makes building website pages and complex layouts a breeze. It also allows you to code directly in Sass and it will automatically compile to CSS (you can write CSS too if you want), let’s you update all generated HTML, and includes an in-site breakpoint testing tool. Here’s how fast it is – using the free Picostrap theme (they also develop this), we recently built a complex client site that got a mobile PageSpeed score of 88 without optimizing any images. After image optimization and installing a caching plugin, we got that mobile score up to 99!