Weekly Articles for WordPress Admins – Monday 9/12/2022

WordPress weekly articles for september 12, 2022

I mentioned last week that we’re really shaking things up a work? Another big change that we’re making is that we’re moving away from Redmine and Trello for our project management to Monday.com. We’re now using this amazing service for project management, as a CRM to manage sales leads and existing client contacts, and for general organization. We also looked at Salesforce, Asana, Clickup, and Notion but Monday.com checked all the boxes for us, and at the right price. It’s taken a little time to make the transition but it’s well worth the effort and it’s already benefiting our business.

That’s why in this week’s picks, I’m going to focus on Monday.com. You’ll also find an article on adding CSS and a project management guide, so even if you’re happy with your project management tool or CRM, there’s some good reading here for you.

This week’s 5 WordPress topics:

  • How to Add Custom CSS to Your WordPress Site: 3 Methods ExploredOpens in a new tab. (Intermediate)
    Adding to the articles I’ve already shared about using CSS over the last couple of weeks, this article talks about how to identify which HTML elements need CSS rules and how to add them. If you’re new to CSS or need a refresher, this is a good read. Generally, you don’t need to install a CSS plugin. Either use the Customize option under Appearance in the admin menu, or update the CSS in the child theme, if your theme has one. Please, for yourself and others that may make updates after you, don’t add CSS rules directly to the HTML elements themselves, or to sections if you’re using a page editor.
  • How to Use Monday.com for Project ManagementOpens in a new tab. (Intermediate)
    Are you ready for some emoticons? This article has a few! But it it also has a really good intro and summary on Monday.com and how to use it to manage your projects. One quick note: while Monday.com does include a time tracker, it’s not as robust as some other standalone time tracker solutions. Also check out this article: Monday Project Management ReviewOpens in a new tab..
  • monday.com forms: A must-have if you do anything onlineOpens in a new tab. (Intermediate)
    Let’s say you’re using Monday.com and would like to connect it to a form on your website, can you do that so you can have submissions automatically populate a Monday.com board? Absolutely! With Zapier, you can connect Gravity Forms, or Ninja FormsOpens in a new tab., to Monday.com.
  • Your complete guide to project management in 2022Opens in a new tab. (Intermediate)
    On their blog, Monday.com has put together a quick guide on project management. While it doesn’t cover everything it’s a great intro to the process and how to leverage Monday.com to successfully manage projects. On the Executing step, a big part of a project manager’s job is to also supporting the work getting done and communicating with the client. For the monitoring step, use Monday.com to keep track of the progress.
  • How to Use monday.com as a CRM in 7 StepsOpens in a new tab. (Intermediate)
    Out of the box, Monday includes several boards that you can start with that will track and super charge your sales process. This article will you how to set up your board and customize to fit your organization, give you some pointers, and introduces the Power-ups feature of Monday.com. With the Power-ups, you can do all sorts of extras like add leads to your Mailchimp list, or move boards, or email them through Gmail. At my job, we’re currently in the process of implementing Monday as a CRM to track all leads and then as they convert to becoming clients, to track their projects. Also check out Monday’s CRM page.

If you were thinking about using Monday.com, hopefully now you have a good intro in what it is and how to use it. Next week I’ll have a wider range of topics again.

Have a great week!


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