WordPress Article Picks 2/28/2022

weekly wordpress articles for february 28 2022

Here at week 2, I’m starting to get into the routine of saving the articles that I read on a weekly basis, make. To help me with this, I’ve signed up for PocketOpens in a new tab. which allows you to save articles from any device (like from my phone), and then read later without the ads on a different device (like my iPad or a computer). It even lets you tag the articles and even highlight passages. It’s already a huge time saver but I’d love to see more features added – how about being able to organize articles into categories or write personal notes?

Also, a quick note from last week; In the article about scheduling WordPress posts, none of the mentioned WordPress plugins will schedule a post revision. To do that, check out PublishPress RevisionsOpens in a new tab..

Here’s this weeks picks:

  • How to get FREE SSL Certificate for Website (HTTPS) ?Opens in a new tab. (Intermediate)
    Most hosting companies will automatically include a free SSL certificate as part of their offering. However, if your website hosting doesn’t, there are still options to protect your website with a free SSL certificate. Did I mention that not having your website secure (https) will hurt your search engine ranking? Yep, so get secure if you’re not already.
  • 11 Fastest WordPress Themes in 2021 (Based on Thorough Testing)Opens in a new tab. (Beginner)
    As you’re creating your WordPress site (or maybe your redesigning), you need to pick a theme that not only looks good but will load quickly. While there’s a few others that I would include, Kinsta has put together a great list here and I can personally confirm that their top 3 (Hello Elementor, Neve, and Astra) all load extremely fast and are great themes.
  • The 7 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins Available in 2022Opens in a new tab. (Intermediate)
    If you’re thinking about starting up a podcast, or if you already have a podcast but need to add it to your website, you’ll want to read this article. It starts off with the best free podcast plugin for beginners (Seriously Simple PodcastingOpens in a new tab.) and then gets into the more advanced solutions, some that are specific to the podcast platform.
  • How to Hide WordPress Admin Bar: Ultimate GuideOpens in a new tab. (Intermediate/Advanced)
    Sometimes you don’t want to show the top admin bar, especially if your site has subscribers or other WordPress roles that don’t need the admin bar in the way, just confusing things. This article walks through how to turn it off for everyone, everyone except for the admin, based on each role, or for each user. It also shows how to do it with code or with a plugin.
  • 10 of the Most Unique Lorem Ipsum GeneratorsOpens in a new tab. (Beginner)
    You’ve heard of Lorem Ipsum, the Latin filler text right? The next time you need to mock up a page with dummy content, you don’t have to use that old text (Lorem ipsum was written back in 45BC!). Instead fill your page with paragraphs of generated text about cats, dogs, pirate talk, or my favorite “Bacon Ipsum”. There’s 6 other great options in this article so enjoy!

If you like these articles, I’ll be sharing 5 more next Monday. In fact, I’ll be sharing 5 more WordPress articles every Monday so I’ll see you soon!

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