Weekly Articles for WordPress Admins – Monday, 5/2/2022

weekly wordpress articles for may 2, 2022

How is it already May? To usher in the 5th month, I have 5 new articles procured just for you, all hand-picked for anyone running a WordPress website – Enjoy!

Want another example of where and how to use shortcodes? My weekly signup button below is added to pages using a custom shortcode that I wrote so if I need to change the signup later on, I can update it in one place instead of having to update each article. Here’s the code that creates that shortcode:

//Shortcode for adding Weekly Articles Signup Button
//Usage: [weekly_email_signup]
add_shortcode('weekly_email_signup', 'wes_shortcode_function');
function wes_shortcode_function(){
 return "<hr /><p>Can't get enough? Get these in your inbox each week!</p>" .
 '<div class="wp-block-button"><a class="wp-block-button__link" href="https://fdeee5ab.sibforms.com/serve/MUIEACdgoafvY53ljOrLauzUTymd-G7r31NvED_StUzNH3rDWdHn2LqOdZQX2tY1MsFksFvemNR7L62EV95fdSn6kGBiuZPdwFphvyMKwSq9grmX80dDN1l7H-CIo_h5ScY2eGnVFiSS4pmFM59mY6d74fPRz6dLggCD6IWfpoHr5aec71omShS_DCnJutDNIzbIpWVrfzXWhaE6" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Subscribe to Weekly Articles</a></div>';

Have a great week!


Aaron Day

Professionally designing and building websites since 2002, I was an early adopter of WordPress and continue to build engaging WP solutions on a daily basis. I'm the CTO of a web development agency and we manage over 700 WordPress sites - so most of what you'll find here on this site, we've used in practice.

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