Weekly Articles for WordPress Admins – Monday, 5/9/2022

weekly wordpress articles for may 9, 2022

I hope you enjoyed Star Wars Day and Mother’s Day, or maybe you combined themOpens in a new tab.?

In any case, here’s this week’s 5 WordPress articles, enjoy!

  • How to Redirect URLs on WordPressOpens in a new tab. (Intermediate)
    Redirects are vital to any successful website, both for SEO and for user experience. If you have a page (or post or product) that is no longer relevant on your website, after deleting that page, make sure to add a redirect from where that page was to a new location on your website. You may have other pages on your site linking to the page that you just deleted, someone may have bookmarked that page, or there could be links from other sites. This article shows how to add redirects in the htaccess file or more easily through a plugin.
  • 14 Best WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools That You Should UseOpens in a new tab. (Beginner)
    There are a lot of SEO plugins for WordPress but this article gives you a good run down on the best plugins. It also covers the best SEO tools to level up your website’s search engine visibility. If you’re just starting out though, you’ll want to first pick your SEO plugin and master it before looking at the other tools to take it to the next level.
  • FAQ Schema For Beginners (With Examples)Opens in a new tab. (Intermediate)
    If you have frequently asked questions anywhere on your website, by adding FAQ schema markup, you make it easier for Google to identify that content as FAQ and then it may be featured in the rich snippet of the search results. Adding FAQ to an article, along with the schema markup, is a great SEO technique to get more traffic. If you’re looking for a good FAQ plugin, check out the article covered in my weekly picks from 4/25.
  • Advanced Custom Fields Tutorial: Your Ultimate GuideOpens in a new tab. (Advanced)
    Have you used the built in custom fields with WordPress? If you have, you know that they’re functional but a pain to work with. Enter Advanced Custom Fields, commonly called “ACF” in the industry. This article walks through what ACF is and how to use it. And also check out this tutorial on how to set up your first ACF field groupOpens in a new tab..
  • How Much Does a Logo Cost in 2022?Opens in a new tab. (Any)
    When it comes to creating a logo, there are a lot of options that range in price from free (if you’re doing it yourself) up to $2500+ to have it designed professionally. There’s even online logo makers that may work fine for you if you need something simple. This article covers all the options in fine fashion. Personally, I usually expect to pay $150-800 for a professional logo that fits the company or organization depending on how many revisions are needed and how important the visual brand is. Just for fun, I tried out the Looka Logo Maker for WP Topics – interesting to see what they generated!
    generated logos for wp topics

Did you know that WordPress will turn 19 on May 27th, 2022? It’s been around a while so there’s no wonder there’s always something new to learn.

Have a great week!


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