Weekly Articles for WordPress Admins – Monday 6/27/2022

weekly wordpress articles for june 27, 2022

This week, I’ve been building a full website using Zoho One. Yes, that is something you can do with Zoho; they have a Wix-like site builder simply called Zoho Sites. It’s a bit painful though since we can’t include all the features that want – it’s just not possible within Zoho. It’s times like this that I really appreciate WP.

This week’s WordPress articles:

  • Using WordPress On Your iPhone or Android With The WordPress AppOpens in a new tab. (Beginner)
    How would you like to have your website in your pocket? With the WordPress Android or iOS app, you can – allowing you to make content updates, reply to comments, or check your store orders directly from your phone. This article will walk you through the basics of installing the app and what you can do.
  • Adding HTML to WordPress: A Beginner’s Guide to How It WorksOpens in a new tab. (Beginner)
    Get the basics of HTML and how to use HTML within WordPress. Understanding even basic HTML will help you format and tweak your content since you can always switch to “text” mode in the text editor. It can also help with adding additional functionality to your site. Make sure to also check out this article last week about adding code snippets.
  • 9 Best WordPress Affiliate Marketing Plugins For 2022 (Comparison)Opens in a new tab. (Intermediate)
    Do you have affiliate links on your website that you earn a commission from? There’s several plugins on this list that will help you manage those affiliate links, or show ads, or promote your affiliates a little more. Or if you’re looking to create an affiliate program for your business, take a look at AffilateWP and start paying bloggers to promote your products or services for you.
  • Get Started With Bitnami Applications Using An InstallerOpens in a new tab. (Advanced)
    If you’re looking to install WordPress in your development environment or on a Linux server, Bitnami has several server images that allow you to easily install a preconfigured version of WordPress. If you’re not using a local development tool that already installs WordPress, then go with Bitnami. We’ve used installed the Bitnami WordPress Stack on several public servers, usually with Amazon Web Services.
  • 9 Best Facebook Feed WordPress Plugins (Most are FREE)Opens in a new tab. (Beginner)
    To get more social engagement on your site, you may want to look adding a Facebook feed so that your latest social media posts can display on your site. The longer that visitors stay on your website, the better chance that they will do business with you.

Have a great week!


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