Weekly Articles for WordPress Admins – Monday 6/6/2022

weekly wordpress articles for june 6, 2022
WordPress market share

I shared an article a couple weeks ago for WordPress’s birthday that included interesting statistics about our favorite CMS. Since then, I ran across this great graph that shows how popular WordPress is compared to other content management systems.

Now, let’s get to the WordPress articles for this week!

  • How to Add Videos to WordPress (And Why)Opens in a new tab. (Beginner)
    There’s a lot of good reasons to add video to your WordPress, especially if it’s content that you’ve created. Rather than uploading directly to your website through, you should use a video service like YouTube or Vimeo so you can gain their network benefits and use their resources. You can easily add a YouTube video to your blog post by simply pasting in the URL but this article will show, with screenshots, other ways to add video as well. For additional options, check out these YouTube embed pluginsOpens in a new tab..
  • How to Install – and Set Up – a New WordPress ThemeOpens in a new tab. (Beginner)
    If this is your first time installing a theme, this article covers it all – from where to find a good WordPress theme and how to install it, to setting it up and customizing. You’ll find plenty of screenshots to guide you along the way. Or, here’s a shorter article that just covers how to install a WordPress themeOpens in a new tab..
  • 5 Ways Fiverr Can Help You Build a WordPress WebsiteOpens in a new tab. (Any)
    While I highly recommend that you learn how to set up WordPress and install a theme yourself (you really should be familiar with this), Fiverr can be a great way to option to cheaply get help for other aspects of your website. Be selective though and only go with gigs that have high stars and if you use Fiverr for SEO, don’t use any services for getting backlinks since those backlinks will probably be low quality and they may actually hurt your SEO.
  • Best Membership Plugins for WordPressOpens in a new tab. (Intermediate)
    Of the 5 WordPress membership plugins listed in this article, I’ve personally used 4 of these solutions and I was happy with all of them, and agree with the author’s assessments for each. If you’re looking for a website membership, make sure to review the strengths for each of these member plugins to find the right fit for your needs.
  • 5 Productivity Blogs You Should Read Every DayOpens in a new tab. (Any)
    With everything that goes on these days, it’s hard to keep focus on your bigger picture goals and stay motivated. Here are 5 blogs to find inspiration but you will need to be more selective with both LifeHacks.io and LifeHacker.com because they have a lot of other topics that may distract and cause less productivity. Other ways to increase your productivity are to regularly chat with other bloggers (find a community), read books on the subject, or what I like to do – regularly put together YouTube playlists on topics I want to learn and then listen to it while working on household chores.

Do you have any articles that you’d like to share? Or any topics that you’d like to know more about? Contact me and let me know!

Otherwise, go forth and may your WordPress endeavors be fruitful!


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