Weekly Articles for WordPress Admins – Monday 6/13/2022

weekly wordpress articles for june 13, 2022

If you’re here for the first time, I’ll give you an elevator pitch intro: Each week I hand-pick 5 new articles that would be useful to WordPress site owners and administrators, with topics for beginners and experts alike. As a professional web developer (over 20 years) and business owner, I hope that my experience and expertise can help you in your WordPress journey.

Here’s the WordPress articles for this week:

  • How Do PHP Updates by Your Web Host Impact WordPress Sites?Opens in a new tab. (Beginner)
    Take a look at the version of PHP you’re currently running on your site and if you’re running PHP 7.3 or less, your site is a security risk and you’ll find that WordPress and some plugins won’t even support that version. Looking at the website endoflife.dateOpens in a new tab., PHP 7.4 will reach its end of life this November and the latest version is PHP 8.1. This article will tell you how to upgrade your PHP version and what to do if the upgrade breaks your site. You can also read this other article that outlines the features and better performance of PHP 8.0Opens in a new tab..
  • WordPress Revisions: Different Options and How to Manage ThemOpens in a new tab. (Intermediate)
    WordPress has a built-in “revert to previous version” ability and you can find out how it works and how to use WordPress revisions within this in-depth article. You’ll also find out how to limit post revisions and optimize them.
  • Are you looking for a Free Slider Revolution Alternative?Opens in a new tab. (Beginner)
    Many themes come prepackaged with the Slider Revolution slider or you may be looking for a good slider that includes layer functionality. While Slider Revolution is a great slider that allows for some terrific layouts and animations, it’s also bulky and will slow down your homepage’s load time. If it didn’t come with your theme, you would have to pay for it as well ($29/year). Here’s some free alternatives you should look at instead.
  • DNS records: A beginner’s guide (Intermediate)
    DNS records can be mystifying to even experienced WordPress developers but everyone should know how to point DNS records to connect their hosting and email. This article explains how DNS works, what all the different terms mean, and in basic terms how to add DNS records. Since the process of updating DNS largely depends on the domain name registrar, I’ve included instructions for the two of the best ones: GoDaddyOpens in a new tab. and NameCheapOpens in a new tab.. Many hosting companies and some other services like CloudflareOpens in a new tab. may also manage your DNS records. However to do this, you would need to be signed up with their service and set the nameservers to point through the “NS” records. For more info on how DNS works, read this definition page “domain name system (DNS)Opens in a new tab.“.
  • Top WordPress Trends To Look Forward to in 2022Opens in a new tab. (Any)
    Since we’re already almost halfway through 2022, many of these trends are already a reality but it’s beneficial to see where the industry is going so we can all keep up. For more trends, read 22 WordPress Trends & Predictions for 2022Opens in a new tab..

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With that being said, have a wildly productive day!


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